Applying analytics to the product recall process via Jones and Robinson

Given the pervasiveness of AI and analytics across all aspects of operation, it is not surprising that these are also being applied to to the product recall process. This Deloitte article provides five top tips for implementing this successfully. The headlines are: Do not be overwhelmed by the data Do not wait for ‘perfect’ data Layer […]

via Applying analytics to the product recall process — Jones and Robinson


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Many of these work for both and users, but any mention of customizable plugins is for users only.

One other note. For users, the edit screen is now a new light blue color with a different interface. You’ll have to revert to the classic editor in order to make sense of these tips. The option to revert to the classic editor is on the bottom right of the edit screen.


1. Do you want to create an hyperlink in your post that references an older post? Rather than having to type out the URL or look for it in another window/window, use the search for other content arrow in the link box. Choose the link you’d like and click ADD LINK. There is no reason to check off the box “open in a new window” when you are referencing your own…

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