Recall: Birth Control Pills With Flawed Instructions Could Cause ‘Unintended Pregnancy’ — CBS Los Angeles

TITUSVILLE, NJ (CBS Local) — Janssen Pharmaceuticals is voluntarily recalling three lots of a popular birth control pill due to a packaging error that could cause “unintended pregnancy.” The U.S. Food and Drug Administration says the incorrect instructions can cause a consumer to take the pills in the incorrect order or take the “inactive reminder…

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Notes from the EndoChoice S-1 IPO Filing

David Cummings on Startups

EndoChoice went public today on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE:GI) raising $95 million. This is notable because it’s the first entrepreneur-lead company in Atlanta to go public in many years. Founded in 2008, EndoChoice is a medtech company focused on technologies and products for gastrointestinal conditions with their main innovation being an endoscopic imaging system.

Here are a few notes from the EndoChoice S-1 IPO filing:

  • Serves over 2,500 GI departments (pg. 1)
  • Fuse® system enables GI specialists to see more than twice the anatomy at any one time compared to standard, forward-viewing colonoscopes and has been clinically demonstrated to detect 69% more pre-cancerous polyps than standard colonoscopes. (pg. 1)
  • 15 million colonoscopies per year in the United States (pg. 1)
  • Revenues (pg. 2)
    2012 – $34.2 million
    2013 – $50.9 million
    2014 – $61.4 million
  • Net losses (pg. 2)
    2012 – $1.2 million
    2013 – $23.9…

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11 Product Ripoffs Buyer Beware

Wait, Beats Headphones cost HOW MUCH to make?
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