5 ways bike thieves are walking away with your ride

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Global News

TORONTO – At least 3,400 bikes were stolen from Toronto streets in 2012, according to one cycling expert.

“But we know the problem is much larger because many people don’t report it,” Liz Sutherland of Cycle Toronto said.

Cyclists could do more to protect their prized possessions because thieves are likely watching carefully.

Here are five common ways thieves take your bike, according to Robert Bateman from Bateman’s Bicycle Company:

1. Break-ins

This is self-explanatory. The criminals break into your garage, shed, or backyard and simply take your bike.

SOLUTION: Lock up your bike properly, no matter where you store it.

2. Cutting or breaking locks

This method of thievery might be the most common and quick. The criminal just uses a bolt cutter or pry bar and walks away with the bike.

SOLUTION: Buy high quality u-locks and cables. Prices for good ones range from $55-$120.

3. Stealing portions…

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