Does the state’s restaurant placard program offer too many chances?

A Waikiki buffet restaurant is no longer allowed to operate.

It is the third food establishment shut down by the Health Department after multiple violations.

“I didn’t know about their sanitary problems,” said Honolulu resident, Kim Jorgensen.

The red placard posted outside Makittii Hawaii located at 2380 Kuhio Ave. says it all.

“So for now the publics health is being protected by the closure of the facility,” said Peter Oshiro with the State Department of Health.

The Health Department launched its investigation into the restaurant on Oct. 13 after receiving a report of someone possibly getting sick.

Inspectors say they found multiple health violations that day for things like inadequate hand washing, stored food temperature violations and even the presence of insects and rodents.

The restaurant was issued a yellow placard on Oct. 13.

Does the state’s restaurant placard program offer too many chances?

Is the state giving restaurants cited for health violations too many chances?

That’s what KHON2 is asking after the recent restaurant shutdowns by the state.

Four days ago, the state Health Department issued Makittii Hawaii, a buffet restaurant in Waikiki, a red placard and closed its doors.

That’s after visiting the restaurant five times over a period of more than three weeks.

Health officials returned to Makittii Tuesday, not for an inspection, but to teach employees food safety lessons.

“Why does the state return so many times?” KHON2 asked.

“Well, we don’t think it’s so many times,” said Peter Oshiro with the DOH.

Oshiro said the placard program is successful, because the large majority of restaurants correct their violations. Two other restaurants on Oahu recently received red placards after multiple visits from the health department.

“What do you tell people who might think, it’s not protecting public safety because people could have gotten sick?” KHON2 asked.

“Again, it’s a weight off between what we’re finding in the establishment and whether or not they’re moving towards correction,” Oshiro said. “When we fine or suspend somebody, we’re litigating the solution. It’s very counterproductive, it costs the taxpayer a lot of time and money, because now I have to talk to the (attorney general)’s office. We have to issue formal legal documents.”

KHON2 went to Makittii to try to talk to the owner and observe the health department class, but no one responded.

But we did talk to a food safety consultant, Tom Frigge, about what he teaches employees.

“First you turn the water on, wet your hands,” Frigge said.

Hand-washing is the most basic lesson, but there are many others.

Frigge says anyone who works in the kitchen, who handles food, should carry a thermometer. He also says food temperatures in coolers should be checked twice a day.

So does he think the state’s placard program gives restaurants too many chances?

“It might be, yeah, because all during that time the public is at risk, isn’t it?” Frigge said.

Since Wednesday is a holiday, the earliest health inspectors could visit Makittii is Thursday.

If a green placard is issued, the restaurant could reopen.

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Should such umbrellas be banned?

Fredericton police released these photos of a 'person of interest' they wanted to speak to about a call that led to the lockdown of four schools Friday. Later, police found the man and determined he was carrying an umbrella.

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Schools locked down over possible gun sighting that turned out to be an umbrella
CBC News Posted: Oct 16, 2015 10:00 AM AT Last Updated: Oct 16, 2015 2:39 PM AT

Fredericton police released these photos of a ‘person of interest’ they wanted to speak to about a call that led to the lockdown of four schools Friday. Later, police found the man and determined he was carrying an umbrella.
Fredericton police released these photos of a ‘person of interest’ they wanted to speak to about a call that led to the lockdown of four schools Friday. Later, police found the man and determined he was carrying an umbrella. (Fredericton police)

The person photographed carrying what appeared to be a firearm near a high school — a sighting that triggered a lockdown of four Fredericton schools this morning — was actually carrying an umbrella, say city police after they located the man.

“This image is of the umbrella that the man was carrying this morning,” the police force said on its Facebook page, after the nearly three-hour lockdown ended Friday.

Fredericton police released this photo of an umbrella that was thought to be a firearm being carried by someone near Fredericton High School on Friday. (Fredericton Police Force)

“As you can see, it has significant resemblance to a weapon.”

Police received a report about 9 a.m. AT indicating a teenage boy dressed in dark clothing was carrying a firearm in a gun sock.

Fredericton High School and Priestman Street Elementary School were locked down for precautionary purposes.

The high school typically has a student enrolment of about 1,800. Priestman had a school population of 527 at the start of the current school year.

The lockdowns also affected nearby École Ste-Anne and École des Bâtisseurs in the French school system. No students are at those two schools Friday, but teachers are present.

After the lockdowns ended, Fredericton police released photos of a person they said they would like to speak to about the Friday morning call that led to the lockdowns.

There was a heavy police presence in the vicinity of Fredericton High School after a report of a young male carrying what appeared to be a firearm. (Bridget Yard/CBC)

They eventually made contact with the person carrying the umbrella.

During the incident, police had said they were “taking a measured approach to deal with this situation.”

“We realize that during incidents like these, the public’s worry and concern can be significantly heightened.

“We can assure you that we take these reports very seriously, which is why we have deployed significant resources at this time.”

I read this article and then I decided to google. This is what I found:


Question: Should such umbrellas be banned?

Imagine you see one of these. What would you say? Imagine someone carrying this umbrella gets on the bus, enters a school or a restaurant.

What if a police officer shot someone like this guy in this picture?

His body language is obvious (removing a weapon,ready to use it). Is the police officer expected to “know” it’s an umbrella?!

I’d like to read your thoughts on this.

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