ICYMI: Amazon wants to revolutionize grocery shopping — AIVAnet

Today on In Case You Missed It: Amazon created a smart store in Seattle which is currently open to just employees but next year will open to all. It lets people saunter in, grab whatever they need, then leave without formally checking out. The trick is in using the Amazon Go app and all the sensors within the store, which track which items are placed in a basket and charges shoppers accordingly. Meanwhile, Georgia Tech created a ‘TuneTable,’ an interactive table with moving coaster-sized tiles people use to both program and then play music. If you’re interested, the Guinness Book of World Records video for candles is here, and the behind-the-scenes video from Rogue One is here. As always, please share any interesting tech or science videos you find by using the #ICYMI hashtag on Twitter for @msk

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5 Best European Ski Resorts — CBS Seattle

The ski season has begun and if you hope to hit the slopes this winter, you should start planning your trip very soon. But instead of going to your usual place, why not make your next trip a real adventure by skiing in Europe! After all it’s the birthplace of the popular winter sport and…

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