Applying analytics to the product recall process via Jones and Robinson

Given the pervasiveness of AI and analytics across all aspects of operation, it is not surprising that these are also being applied to to the product recall process. This Deloitte article provides five top tips for implementing this successfully. The headlines are: Do not be overwhelmed by the data Do not wait for ‘perfect’ data Layer […]

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Best Custom Controllers for PlayStation 4 — AIVAnet

When you get tired of looking at the plain black controllers with your PlayStation 4, it might be time to start looking at a few different types of custom controller designs. Custom designed controllers like the Space Illuminating design add a brand new taste of flavor to your gaming. The best way to improve the storage for your gaming equipment is to give them a personal touch that shows your tastes. Modded and ready SADES PS4 Controller Gamepad While this controller isn’t compatible with a headset. it does come with trigger clamps and two different types of buttons for your D-Pad. This controller was crafter with longtime gaming in mind, and will help keep your hands a little more comfortable! $80 at Amazon Precision gaming AR-OWL C1 PS4 Controller

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