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The fact is, if yours is a local business you enjoy a great many advantages where search optimization is concerned and by making a few fairly simple changes to your website you can significantly improve your rankings. 

1.jpgAdd Your City/State To Your Title Tag – The title tag is part of the metadata set located in the <head> section of your source code and is one of your most important on-site SEO assets. 

Adding your city/state to the title tag, along with your primary keywords, helps to inform the search engines that yours is a local business. It may sound like a no-brainer, but you would be suprised how many local businesses get this wrong. 

If you offer swimming pool maintenance services in Port Charlotte Florida, that is exactly what your title tag should say – “Swimming Pool Maintenance Services Port Charlotte Florida”.


Include Your City/State In The <H1> Tag On Your Home Page – Like your title tag, every page on your website should have a unique header or <H1> tag. Including geographic information in the header (like your city name) alongside a primary keyword tells the search engines that this location is important to your business. Sticking with the swimming pool maintenance example a possible heading might read: “Port Charlotte’s Pool Service of Choice”.

3.pngInclude Your City/State In Your Copy – Are you sensing a theme here? Including location information in your textual copy helps reinforce the relevance this location has with regard to your business. You do not need to mention it in excess, just a single reference is plenty; preferably in the first sentence following your <H1> tag as noted above.


Embed A Google Map On Your Contact Page –Research suggests that embedding a Google map along with your physical address to your contact page improves rankings in local search.

5.pngWrap Your NAP In Schema Markup – NAP is an acronym for Name, Address, and Phone and as a local business it is one of your most valuable assets. If you haven’t already you should establish a format for your NAP and use it consistently whenever sharing this information online.


For instance, if your business name is ABC WIDGETS LLC and your business address is 123 Main Street, Anytown, USA, you need to decide how you will format this information. Will you always spell out the word ‘Street’, or will you abbreviate? Are you going to include the ‘LLC’ designation, or eliminate it? Will you include a leading ‘1’ on your phone number, or just start with the area code? The point is, you need to establish a format and stick with it.

Once you have established a format for your NAP add it to the footer section on every page of your website and wrap it in Local Business Schema, like this:







The real take away here is that as a local business you should be treating your city/state much like you would a keyword. Like your other keywords, your city/state should be included in your title tag, your textual headers, your copy, and even your meta description if you like.

In addition, using Local Business Schema and embedding a Google Map on your contact page will help to ensure that Google and other search engines recognize the relevance of your geographic location.


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Does the state’s restaurant placard program offer too many chances?

A Waikiki buffet restaurant is no longer allowed to operate.

It is the third food establishment shut down by the Health Department after multiple violations.

“I didn’t know about their sanitary problems,” said Honolulu resident, Kim Jorgensen.

The red placard posted outside Makittii Hawaii located at 2380 Kuhio Ave. says it all.

“So for now the publics health is being protected by the closure of the facility,” said Peter Oshiro with the State Department of Health.

The Health Department launched its investigation into the restaurant on Oct. 13 after receiving a report of someone possibly getting sick.

Inspectors say they found multiple health violations that day for things like inadequate hand washing, stored food temperature violations and even the presence of insects and rodents.

The restaurant was issued a yellow placard on Oct. 13.

Does the state’s restaurant placard program offer too many chances?

Is the state giving restaurants cited for health violations too many chances?

That’s what KHON2 is asking after the recent restaurant shutdowns by the state.

Four days ago, the state Health Department issued Makittii Hawaii, a buffet restaurant in Waikiki, a red placard and closed its doors.

That’s after visiting the restaurant five times over a period of more than three weeks.

Health officials returned to Makittii Tuesday, not for an inspection, but to teach employees food safety lessons.

“Why does the state return so many times?” KHON2 asked.

“Well, we don’t think it’s so many times,” said Peter Oshiro with the DOH.

Oshiro said the placard program is successful, because the large majority of restaurants correct their violations. Two other restaurants on Oahu recently received red placards after multiple visits from the health department.

“What do you tell people who might think, it’s not protecting public safety because people could have gotten sick?” KHON2 asked.

“Again, it’s a weight off between what we’re finding in the establishment and whether or not they’re moving towards correction,” Oshiro said. “When we fine or suspend somebody, we’re litigating the solution. It’s very counterproductive, it costs the taxpayer a lot of time and money, because now I have to talk to the (attorney general)’s office. We have to issue formal legal documents.”

KHON2 went to Makittii to try to talk to the owner and observe the health department class, but no one responded.

But we did talk to a food safety consultant, Tom Frigge, about what he teaches employees.

“First you turn the water on, wet your hands,” Frigge said.

Hand-washing is the most basic lesson, but there are many others.

Frigge says anyone who works in the kitchen, who handles food, should carry a thermometer. He also says food temperatures in coolers should be checked twice a day.

So does he think the state’s placard program gives restaurants too many chances?

“It might be, yeah, because all during that time the public is at risk, isn’t it?” Frigge said.

Since Wednesday is a holiday, the earliest health inspectors could visit Makittii is Thursday.

If a green placard is issued, the restaurant could reopen.

Microsoft has a new tool that can guess how you’re feeling from a photo

Microsoft’s past experiences with computer learning to let it do things likeguess your age from looking at a single photograph have always been a fun glimpse at the future, even if they often couldn’t be considered reliably accurate.

Now, it has a new demo tool that will guess how you’re feeling based on your facial expression. And once again, it can’t be considered anything close to reliable. It is still kinda fun though.

Based on Microsoft’s ‘Emotion API,’ the tool now sits alongside other similar experiments from the company under the umbrella of Microsoft’s Project Oxford APIs.

Naturally, you can upload your own, or drag-and-drop an image from your computer, but Microsoft says it’ll need to be at least 36 pixels square and smaller than 4MB in size.

There’s no telling whether or not these features end up in other Microsoft products, but the age guessing ability found its way into Bing image search.

➤ Project Oxford [Microsoft]

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My Top 3 Ideal Hospitality Items.

These are definite necessities:

t goes without saying that I love to travel and try to do it as much as I can. When I’m not jet-setting to the West Coast for a sun-soaked getaway beside the Pacific, catching a train to NYC for a weekend in the city that never sleeps, or trekking up North for some peace and tranquility in rural New Hampshire or Vermont- I’m aimlessly driving to new locations around New England where I spend hours exploring new places and snapping plenty of photos.

I’m the type of person who is planning my next trip while on a return flight/train home from my last one. I just want to see anywhere and everywhere I can!

But of course, with extensive traveling comes the often daunting task of selecting a safe and comfortable place for lodging.Fairmont Hotels, who have luxurious locations all over the globe (including right here in Boston), recently asked me to describe my packing necessities when I’m going away for an overnight trip- and the top 3 hospitality items I wish hotels would provide their guests to make their stays more enjoyable and convenient.

Challenge accepted!

When it comes to packing, all the life-saving essentials are kept close and within reach inside my purse: my wallet, my fully charged phone, lip balm (it’s a necessity. Trust me)– hand cream and a bottle of ibuprofen for those unexpected jet lag-induced headaches or muscle pains. Everything else- the more easy-to-replace stuff (should the airline lose my luggage at any point) like clothing, shampoo, makeup and shoes- are stored away neatly in my suitcase to make my trip through airport security a little faster andmuch lighter on my shoulders. I’m a habitual gate-crasher, meaning that I’m the person you see in the airport frantically trying to put their shoes back on post-TSA pat-down while simultaneously darting towards their gate five minutes before the flight is scheduled to take off- so the less weight I have to carry during that desperate run- the better.

Of course, once the initial departure adrenaline fades and after I’ve finally reached my destination and retrieved my bags- I’m ready to check into my room and crash- hard- before I eventually freshen up and head out to paint whatever town/city I’m staying in bright red.

Over the years I’ve been fortunate enough to stay in consistently nicer and clean hotels with friendly and accommodating staff (I’ve stayed in some super sketchy dives, too- trust me- but we don’t need to talk about those right now. Or ever. At all.) Some places have exceeded my expectations by adding little and unexpected things/perks to their rooms that have made such a huge difference in my stay- and after careful consideration- I’d like to see more of the following three things in hotel rooms I check into in the future:

UNIVERSAL CHARGING PORTS/PADS: I carry a lot of electronics when I travel. My phone, my digital camera for more professional-looking shots, my tablet to check e-mails and work on posts for any deadlines while I’m away, and my iPod (I’m one of maybe 12 people left in the country who still have a fully-functioning original iPod Nano.) As such, I have to keep track of multiple cords and chargers in my bag- which is a hassle for me when packing and is probably concerning to many a TSA agent who have had to screen my luggage prior to departure. Even more of a hassle? Charging everything at once in my hotel room- where electrical outlets are typically scarce to begin with. I’d love for more hotels to include universal charging ports/pads for multiple electronics in each room- which means I could leave most of the tangled cords at home but not have to worry about running out of juice halfway through my trip.


The M Resort, Las Vegas.

BETTER TOILETRIES: I’ve never- not once- expected to check into my room, go to take a shower, and be greeted by a full-line of LUSH bath products neatly stacked on the counter top next to the sink (a girl can dream)– but I’m always more inclined to stay at hotels that include decent soaps and shower gels by trusted brands instead of drying and overly-perfumed generic brands with the hotel logo crudely imprinted on them. I’m even MORE inclined to stay at hotels that give me a little something extra to help me relax (looking at you, fancy hotel in NYC that left me a bottle of bubble bath to go with their huge tub, a tube of eye cream, and a really cute eye mask to wear while I slept- and I got to take it home with me!)

AN IN-ROOM DINING MENU THAT DOESN’T BREAK THE BANK OR LEAVE ME STARVING: When I travel, I like to go out and explore- which includes but isn’t limited to checking out local bars and restaurants- but sometimes, JUST SOMETIMES- I want to lay in my hotel room and eat a grilled cheese sandwich at 2 a.m. while watching HBO. This typically happens in California when I’m prone to staying out really and ridiculously late at night. However, I also don’t want to spend $18 for that aforementioned grilled cheese sandwich (which is always half of the size of a regular sandwich for some reason.) It’s like being penalized financially for most dining establishments outside my hotel closing at a reasonable time. Not cool, right? Right. I know room service is expensive- but come on- I just want an ice cream sundae without having to be late with my car insurance payment, you know? Give me something filling and affordable for those late night cravings.

Those, for me- are the “Big 3” in hospitality must-haves, apart from the mandatory cleanliness and spaciousness (and a decent view- if I’m feeling unusually picky.)

Do you have any “Big 3” hotel must-haves for when you travel? Does the room temperature have to be just right? Do you need those special blinds on the windows that block out any and all light from the outside world? Is a mint on the pillow a deal-maker? I’d love to hear ’em!

And thanks for letting me share my list, Fairmont Hotels! Now, about that full-line of LUSH bath products in the rooms….


Legally Redhead

HotelIndigo01 The view from my hotel room- San Diego, CA.

It goes without saying that I love to travel and try to do it as much as I can. When I’m not jet-setting to the West Coast for a sun-soaked getaway beside the Pacific, catching a train to NYC for a weekend in the city that never sleeps, or trekking up North for some peace and tranquility in rural New Hampshire or Vermont- I’m aimlessly driving to new locations around New England where I spend hours exploring new places and snapping plenty of photos.

I’m the type of person who is planning my next trip while on a return flight/train home from my last one. I just want to see anywhere and everywhere I can!

But of course, with extensive traveling comes the often daunting task of selecting a safe and comfortable place for lodging. Fairmont Hotels, who have luxurious…

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How to get FREE Advertising for your Novel


Besides the obvious guest blogging, tweeting, Facebook etc. there are ways to get exposure for your novel without having to spend cash. We all know it’s hard to make money in this business – okay not all of us – but maybe the newbies, so here is a list of places and methods that worked for me.

Try online magazines that cover your genre. The following showcased DESCENT in the mystery genre.

The Readers Gazette


Crime Fiction Lover 

If you belong to a writing organization such as Crime Writers of Canada, ask for placement on their advertising. This type of organization exists to help you.

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 8.00.14 AM

Share your screen shots from Amazon or other sites. Let the big companies do the work for you. For example on July 26, 2015 DESCENT made #8 and one behind Lee Child in Amazon’s hot new releases in…

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Beef & Onion Walkers crisps are back for good

Whatever they said, whatever they did, they didn’t mean it…

And now retro favourite Beef & Onion Walkers crisps are back for good.

In August Walkers reintroduced the flavour along with barbecue, toasted cheese, lamb & mint and cheese & chive as part of their Bring It Back campaign.

Crisp fans could then vote via social media for their favourite to stay.

Now Beef & Onion has triumphed with 480,000 votes out of the 1.3 million cast.

The second most popular was Cheese & Chive, followed by Lamb & Mint, Toasted Cheese and Barbecue.

Nobody likes Barbecue.

Walkers’ Beef & Onion will available in six packs from November 23.

Beef & Onion Walkers crisps are back for good

Did the right retro crisp win?

  • Hell yes!

  • No, no, no

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