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Brawny Cat Sleeky Lounge Arrival Video: https://youtu.be/sqF4Ocp5XQQ

Brawny Cat

Brawny Cat Sleeky Lounge 2015 Limited Edition Product Review
Huge Interior Flat Area
side bolsters are shaped for shoulder, neck and head support
26” wide by 18” long
Sleeky Lounge XL 2015 Limited Edition – $65

Flat Rate Discount FedEx Shipping – US Lower 48
Royal Red
Blue Patina

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Cat Scratcher for Large Cats – Brawny Cat Sleeky Lounge 2015 Limited Edition – Floppycats

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Top comments

Diamondelle84 1 week ago
4:28 I can almost hear Chiggy sighing
Reply · 1

Floppycats 1 week ago
+Diamondelle84 ha ha ha – all the time when he interacts with me.
Reply ·

Floppycats Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
Reply · 1

patricia mcdermott 1 week ago
those wood ones are sooo luxe, i just love them. and of course charlie looks soooo luxe on them. my cats don’t mind the thunder too much but i know the thunder in kc is much different than the slight grumbles we get here.
Reply · 1

Floppycats 1 week ago
+patricia mcdermott yes, the wood one is just awesome. yes, last night’s thunder claps were very strong
Reply ·

DetectiveConanfan300 1 week ago (edited)
Charlie man looks so relaxed on that brawny cat sleeky lounge he is like, “Lady, I am loving this easy chair!” He seems to be happy with everything that has been given to him during product testing

Xiedubbel 1 week ago
Very nice!
Reply · 1

1Eclat 1 week ago
HI I was wondering I need another litter box. Which one do you like best out of the Petco large box and the NVR Miss box?
Reply · 1
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1Eclat 1 week ago (edited)
I thought about that and then cutting a hole but one of my furr babies is blind so I was looking for something purrfect to fit his needs too since they all like to share all the boxes. Thanks for the tips and yes the Petco box is out can’t have Maxx peeing over the sides. LOL
Plus I would need the edges to be smooth if I made it to much work.
Reply · 1

Floppycats 1 week ago
+1Eclat yes, i understand – you could make it really wide. others have cut big holes in storage containers too. you might google image “storage container litterboxes” or something?
Reply ·

Prothean Melody 1 week ago
+Floppycats “Is somebody bowling upstairs?” Lol. Charlemagne will send a search party to apprehend the bowlers and stop their noises.
Reply · 2

Floppycats 1 week ago
+Prothean Melody i hope so – they got a lot of strikes. =)
Reply ·

Patti Johnson 1 week ago
Great video, as usual! Thanks for the great review and lurve how Mr. Charlemagne is front and center! Poor Triggy taking the backseat until Charlie-man is done! Lurve that high-end model so much! 🙂 ❤

eMeow hung 1 week ago
Hi Floppycats! Is there a discount code for this item?
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