Product Testing: Ruffwear Dirtbag Seat Cover

Colorado Canine


Instagram Video @colorado_canine:  Setting up the cover. Can’t wait to get a little of that red Colorado mud on this bad boy!


Why a seat cover?  Well, with all of our outdoor activities, a little mud and grime isn’t a rarity: it’s expected.  Mud, grit, clouds of dog hair, horse manure, rain, sleet, and snow all make it into the backseat with Bella after any respectable adventure.  We put the Ruffwear Dirtbag Seat Cover to the test to see if it could keep up with our messy lifestyle.

Something’s wrong here…where is the dirt?

unnamed-1             unnamed

Time to fix that with a snowy trail run from Settler’s Park to Sanitas…..


The verdict:



-Machine-washable.  Necessary for a dog who rolls in horse manure.

-Neutral color to hide black AND white dog hair, dirt.

-Can be set up “bench” or “hammock” style.


Favorite Features:


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