Product Reviews – Ronco Chip-Tastic Microwave Potato Chip Maker

Rachelle's Best Life

I could not love this gadget more than I do. I wasn’t really sure if I would find this to be worth the $13.99 I paid for it on Amazon (oh, how I love my Amazon Prime).

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Well, let me tell you…when I can go from craving potato chips to eating potato chips in 10 minutes, I have a winner.Chiptastic

There are a couple of reasons that I think this is a winner. First, I’m a McDougaller (in my world that IS a word) which means I eat starches. Lots and lots of yummy starches. Potato chips made from whole potatoes with no oil at all is such a lovely, starchy treat!

I’m not just opening up a bag and stuffing my face. This takes just a little bit of preparation and BAM!!! We have the best chips. Healthy chips. Just…

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Alpine Vision GT concept races onto the virtual track


Alpine Vision GT concept races onto the virtual trackRenault has rolled out a slick looking concept car called the Alpine Vision Gran Turismo concept and it looks really cool. The car has lots of curves and reminds of something that Speed Racer or one of his pals would drive. The car is set to make its debut in the racing game Gran Turismo, but Renault has also produced a full size scale model of the car to show off at auto shows as well.

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BLOODHOUND’s new 1,000mph Hybrid Rocket

BLOODHOUND’s rocket partner, Nammo, sucessfully fired the new hydrid rocket. This firing lasted for a predefined 16 seconds, producing a maximum thrust of 30 kN (or 3 tonnes). The temperature in the rocket reached 2,500°C and 1,400°C in the plume.

The rocket started instantly after ignition and the firing was terminated in a controlled manner by closing the main oxidiser valve.

BLOODHOUND will use one rocket for high speed testing 2015 and a cluster of three rockets to reach 1,000mph in 2016. Find out more at

Plum Print Raises A Million To Turn Kids’ Artwork Into Custom Photo Books

Deepak verma

A startup offering a solution for parents with small children who want a way to easily save and store their kids’ artwork, Plum Print, has raised a million dollar seed round to continue to grow its business and expand into new products. The company today offers a handful of photo books it puts toge
January 22, 2015 at 09:04PM
By Deepak verma

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Comfort Food

Dwight Simmons: Unwellspoken

Five Guys.

Bacon Cheeseburger. Large Fries. Challenge accepted.

This is the aftermath after a two day audition process for StandUp NBC in New York. Me, alone eating my feelings in public. The amount of food Five Guys gives you is a bit obnoxious and over the top. But, the amount of food is one of the things that I’m not upset about.

For two days, hundreds of stand-up comedians line up in front of Gotham Comedy Club for the opportunity to do one minute of comedy in front of NBC industry. A one minute set in itself is kind of ridiculous…I can’t think of anything that can be accomplished in one minute. I agree with the lyrical wisdom of one Missy Elliot who put it best, “I don’t want no one minute man.” (Good song…I have to listen to it now).

Imagine going to an interview for a position that…

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