Kid Friendly – Pepperoni Cheese Pizza Casserole

Arl's World

This recipe takes all the good things about pizza and combines them with pasta to make a quick and easy, kid pleasing, great, one-dish casserole.  Perfect for your hungry family.  This dish has lots of ooey gooey cheese and lots of pepperoni’s, just like your favorite pizza.  Yum! 

 pizza casserole

I don’t know about you, but Monday night is my least favorite night of the week to cook …that and Friday night.  Monday is the first day of my work week and I am not quite back in the work groove yet.  After a long Monday at work the last thing I want to do  is go home and cook …ugh!  That being said, I want to make my cooking experience quick and painless.  I want easy preparation of meals and even easier clean up.  Not only do I need quick and easy, I need kid friendly.  A meal that I know will be pleasing to my now picky teenager.  This…

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