Experts fret Canada becoming a ‘nation of part-time workers’

Global News

The revised employment figures for July from Statistics Canada provided some relief to experts on Friday, showing the economy added far more jobs than the federal agency had originally stated.

The headline number of 42,000 was a relative groundswell of job creation last month compared to what StatsCan first and erroneously reported last Friday when it showed just 200 jobs being added.

But the news isn’t as good as it seems.

An unsettling trend still lurks below the surface: Canada continues to bleed full-time jobs this year, while part-time work is rushing in to fill the void.

“Although July’s net employment gain was revised, these were all part-time positions,” David Madani, economist at Toronto-based Capital Economics, said.

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The latest reading reinforced Madani’s observation that “the economy is struggling to generate good quality jobs.”

Since the start of the year, part-time work…

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